Stretch & Seal Silicone Film

Stretch & Seal Silicone Film

Self-fusing silicone film cellophane liner

High temperature resistance. Bonds well even in wet conditions. Excellent abrasion resistance and dielectric strength. Leaves no residue. Wrapping applications including electrical, light-duty pipe wrapping, plumbing waterproofing. Excellent for temporary bundling and clamping. Wrap tool handles to form an instant grip. Also available flame resistant.


Nashua Stretch & Seal Self-Fusing Silicone Tape; meets:

  • Commercial Item Description A-A-59163 Type I & Type II (which superseded Military Specification MIL-I-46852C)
  • Colors:Black, Red, White, Blue and Green
  • Roll Size:  1 wide " x 10 linear feet per roll; packed twenty-four rolls per Case (Note:  Each individual roll is in its own blister pack).
  • Lead Time:  Ten (10) days or less to obtain new rolls from Nashua.
  • Documentation:  Factory C of C referencing A-A-59163 Type I and Type II


    • FAA A-A-59163 Type I and II
    • UL 510 listed

    Technical Data:

    Nashua Tape Products

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    Stretch & Seal Silicone Film
    Thicknes 20.0mils 0.508mm ASTM D-1000
    Adhesion to Steel N/A
    Tensile 800 psi ASTM D-1000
    Operating Temperature -60 – +500ºF -51 – +260ºC



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