tesa® Assemblyguard 50540

Assemblyguard 50540

Is a premium grade self-adhesive tape that has been developed for the protection of delicate surfaces, e.g. painted metal surfaces during assembly. The product consists of an air bubble film coated with a paint compatible adhesive. Applied after the painting process, tesa® Assemblyguard 50540 provides reliable protection for painted surfaces susceptible to damage during the assembly process. Due the cross perforation of the product it is easily hand tearable without using any cutting devices. tesa® Assemblyguard 50540 is recommended for indoor applications only.


Imagine Bubble Wrap With An Adhesive Back.


Main applications

  • Protection of painted surfaces during the assembly process

Technical properties

Backing material

polyolefinic film

Total thickness:  4200 µm
Type of adhesive:   EVA
Adhesion to steel:   0.5 N/cm

Rating properties

Easy to remove :   yes
Suitable for die cutting:   yes
Paint compatibility:   ++
Resistance to chemicals:   +




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tesa® Assemblyguard 50540
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Assemblyguard 50540 Specification Sheet.


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