Orcon OT-40N Alternative Tape:

Polyken 1111 Is The Boeing Approved to BMS5-133, Type IV, Class 1 Specification. 

It Is Readily Available. IN STOCK READY TO SHIP

Much More Competitively Priced Than OT-40N. 

Polyken 1111 ORCOTAPE OT-40N
Weight 4.5 oz/sq yd 4.5 oz/sq yd
Tensile Strength 27 lb/in 20 lb/in
Roll Size 2" x 60yds 2" x 60yds
Specifications FAR 25.853(a) FAR 25.853(a)
BMS5-133 Type IV, Class 1 BMS5-133 Type IV, Class 1
  Airbus ABD0031, Para 7.3.2 & 7.4  


Boeing Approved Specification - BMS5-133


Polyken 1111 Is a double-sided gray/black polyester film tape coated with a flame retardant differential adhesive. Adhesive forms an aggressive permanent bond to underside of carpet on liner black side while the removable air/exposed lighter black gray side still removes cleanly from most surfaces so can take off when aircraft requires servicing again. Used in aerospace industry for carpet and non-textile flooring installation on interior floors and stairs of aircraft. General mounting and bonding. Lightweight construction is 65% lighter than standard cloth carpet tapes for reduced aircraft weight and greater fuel economy.


ORCOTAPE® OT-40N is a lightweight double-sided pressure-sensitive reinforced polyester tape with differential tack. It is used to adhere aircraft floor coverings such as carpet, padding and galley mats to aircraft flooring. Leaves no residue when removed from aircraft floor surface. Meets the latest EU REACH, US EPA and Boeing environmental safety requirements.

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