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Tapes, Adhesives, & Packaging Expertise, Inc.

AEROTAPE is a wholesale distributor of aviation specialty tapes and protective foams to the Aerospace Industry. We supply these products to Aircraft Manufacturers, MRO facilities, Airlines, Composite Shops, Interior Shops, FBOs and affiliated industries.

We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and our unmatched ability to assist our customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

We are currently celebrating our twenty-fifth year in business as authorized distributors for the following brands of Tape:


PolykenPolyken Tapes Sold by AEROTAPE

Shurtape Sold by AEROTAPE

Patco Tapes Sold By AEROTAPE

Saint-Gobain Tapes sold by AEROTAPE

E&H Laminating Tapes Sold by AEROTAPE

Nashua Tapes Sold by AEROTAPE

Mask-Off Tapes Sold by AEROTAPE

Tesa Tapes Sold by AEROTAPE

Intertape Tapes Sold by AEROTAPE


Main Tape Sold by AEROTAPE


Furthermore, Our family of protective foams for use on Aircraft Exteriors, Aircraft Interiors and Ground Support Equipment is unrivaled. No one can offer the variety of custom foams that we can to prevent both injuries and “hangar rash”.

Providing Tapes and Protective Foams to North America, Europe & Asia

AEROTAPE, Inc. Leading Aerospace Tape distridutor

The leading distributor of

The Mask-Off Protex family of tapes.

Superior discounts on large quantities of the following products:


Polyken 296FRPatco 296 Sold by AEROTAPE

Polyken 108FRPatco 108FR Sold by AEROTAPE

Patco 1800 Galley TapePatco 1800 Sold by AEROTAPE

Patco D9100Patco D9100 Sold by AEROTAPE

Protex 20VProtex 20V Sold by AEROTAPE

Protex 10VProtex 10V Sold by AEROTAPE

Polyken 1111Polyken 1111 Sold By AEROTAPE

Protex 5Protex 5 Sold by AEROTAPE

Protex 8216-2LProtex 8216 Sold by AEROTAPE


Just to highlight a few.