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Special Price On Protex® 223-5HT (High Tack) 48" x 60yds $708.85.

HIGH TACK: 5 mil clear polyester film with high tensile, tear and impact strength. It is inert in water, moisture/ vapor resistant. Material is unaffected by oils, greases and volatile aromatics.
  • Application Surface: Composite Milling, Moisture Barrier
  • Substrate: Polyester
  • Thickness: 5 MIL (paper, polyester)
  • Protex 20V with Natural Latex Adhesive $178.00

    PROTEX 20v is a 20 mil latex saturated tape which has an external vinyl coating increasing its abrasion resistance. It is used in the protection of acrylic windows, canopies, windshields and certain metal and painted surfaces requiring increased protection. 

    Owner Operated For 25+ Years

    AEROTAPE® Inc. "THE" Leading Distributor Of The Mask-Off® Protex Family Of Tapes. Also, North America's Largest Patco, Polyken Tape supplier.

    We Offer Superior Discounts On Rolls or Cases, Your Choice... Of Polyken 296FR, Polyken 108FR, Patco 1800 Galley Tape, Patco D9100, & Mask-Off: Protex 5, 10V, 20V, 8216-2L. Just To Name A Few. In Stock Now, Buy Today.

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