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Patco D9180

Flame Retardant Aircraft Waterseal Tape

Exceptionally tough and durable transparent polyurethane film tape, designed as a moisture seal barrier on aircraft floors in the main cabin wet areas (galleys, lavatories, entryways). Helps to minimize corrosion damage to floor support structures. Pressure sensitive, repositional, flame retardant and sealant compatible. Tough and durable. Water resistant. Helps prevent corrosion on floor structure. Ease of application. Meets all interior F.R. requirements. Can go directly over wet sealant. Fast application. Allows visible inspection. Allows wide width usage. Can be die-cut to various shapes.


Patco D9180 Linered, Flame Retardant, Clear Polyurethane Floorpanel Moisture Barrier Tape.  14 Mil Total Thickness.  Made in USA. Meets:

  • FAR 25.853a
  • Fokker FK05-193



  • Aircraft waterseal applications in main cabin wet area (galleys, lavatories, entryways).
  • Surface protection and sound dampening. 
  • Aerospace industry

Meets FAR 25.853 (a) and Fokker Fk05-193


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Patco D9180 - Flame Retardant Aircraft Waterseal Tape
Tech Specs
Backing Interior-Grade Aromatic Polyurethane
Adhesive Type Urethane-based
Total Thickness 14 mils
Adhesion to Steel 45 oz/in
Tensile Strength 100 lb/in
Elongation 600%
Colors Transparent


Patco D9180 Tech Data Sheet




Additional Information


Nominal Tape Widths vs Actual Widths

Tape rolls are cut to standard tape industry metric widths of approx. 24mm per 1-inch of nominal width ordered. As a result ACTUAL tape widths are normally 5% narrower than the NOMINAL width shown in inches. Examples:

  • 1" Nominal width = 15/16" (24mm) Actual width
  • 2" Nominal width = 1-7/8" (48mm) Actual width
  • 3" Nominal width = 2-13/16" (72mm) Actual width

Note that tape rolls are NOT guaranteed to be splice-free.





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