Protective Foam 49208


Contact with ground support equipment is a leading cause of hangar rash. These Protective Foam Profiles provide and easy, cost effective way to combat this problem.


Extruded and pre-molded protective foam pieces in a variety of shapes that can be applied to rolling ladders, scissors lifts, scaffolding, tool boxes, etc. . . to prevent damage to the aircraft’s exterior resulting from incidental contact.




Eliminate Hangar Rash! Our custom extruded foams are designed to protect an aircraft’s delicate edges while our low-tack tapes guard the windows, leading edges, air stair door steps, and more.



Technical Data:


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Protective Foam 49208
Density 2.0 – 2.2 pcf
Color: Blue
Length: 72"
Piece Count: 15
Feet Per Container: 90
Package: 13"x13"x74" Box


Protective Foams Tech Sheet





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