Aluminum Foil Tape


Aluminum Foil Tape
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1 inch X 60yds
2 inch X 60yds

Documentation: Factory C of C to SAE AMS-T-23397B & L-T-80B (it also confirms that this tape meets F.A.R. 25.853a Burn Test Standard)

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Aircraft Speed Tape

Polyken 345SW Heavy-Duty Dead Soft Aluminum Foil Tape.

Aircraft Sealing & Masking Applications To Prevent Crazing & Hazing During Paint Stripping.

Moisture Barrier In The Production Of Military Munitions & Appliances.

Anodizing, Electroplating & Composites.

Excellent Adhesion.

Polyken 345SW Has Clean Removal.

High Shear Strength & Abrasion Resistance.

Use Polyken 345SW For Insulation Patch, Seal & Repair.

Superior Chemical & Moisture Resistance.

Meets FAR 25.853(a), SAE AMS-T-233978 & L-T-80B; Fokker FK 05-011

Made in USA

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Polyken 345sw TDS

Polyken 345SW

Premium Self-Wound Aluminum Foil Tape

Has Many Uses In Aviation, General Industrial & OEM Industries. This Is A Heavy-Duty Dead Soft Aluminum Foil Tape That's Used For Aircraft Masking & Sealing Applications. UL & FAR Certified, It Acts As A Heat Shield To Minimize Heat Transfer & Provides An Effective Barrier To Moisture, Air & Corrosion. Polyken 345SW Premium Self-Wound Tape Has A Smooth, Easy Unwind, & Because There Is No Release Liner, There's Less Waste. This Aluminum Foil Tape Conforms Well To Contours & Irregular Surfaces & Bonds To Most Substrates. Its Acrylic Adhesive Coating Is Resistant To Solvents & Performs Well In High Temperatures. The Tape Can Also Be Cleanly & Easily Removed From Most Surfaces, Leaving No Residue.

Documentation: Factory C of C to SAE AMS-T-23397B and L-T-80B (it also confirms that this tape meets F.A.R. 25.853a).


Product Applications:

Polyken 345SW Premium Aluminum Foil (“Speed”) Tape; 60 yards standard roll length (This tape is the U.S. made direct offset to the 3M 425 Aluminum Foil Tape)

  • Masking and sealing in aircraft
  • Aerospace speed tape
  • Window mask to protect aircraft windshields, canopies and passenger window surfaces from hazing or crazing during paint stripping
  • Heavy-duty vapor barrier sealing for sheet metal, flexible and fiberglass duct systems
  • Insulation patch, seal and repair
  • Composite manufacturing and repair
  • Heat shielding and elimination of "hot" spots in industrial maintenance
  • Condenser and evaporator fastener in appliance and refrigeration industry
  • Masking in paint stripping and electro-plating
  • Diversion trough for wash-off of chemicals and paints during painting and stripping
  • Specifications:

  • FAR 25.853(a)
  • SAE AMS-T-23397B (supersedes MIL-T-23397A)
  • L-T-80B
  • Tested in accordance with UL 723
  • Technical Data:

    Polyken 345SW Premium Self-Wound Aluminum Foil Tape

  • Adhesive: acrylic
  • Carrier/Backing: aluminum foil
  • Thickness: 5 mils (carrier, adhesive) 3 mils (carrier)
  • Adhesion: 68 ounces per inch (to stainless steel test panel)
  • Tensile Strength: 26 pounds per inch (longitudinal)
  • Service/Operating Temperature: -40°F to 350°F
  • Elongation: 3%
  • Certifications: FAR 25.853(a), SAE AMS-T-23397B (supercedes MIL-T-23397A & B), L-T-80B, UL723 listed
  • Core: 3" diameter
  • Polyken 345SW Tech Data Sheet


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