BR Code Collection

BR Code CollectionShurtape BR Codes

BR Code™ is an innovative line of scannable adhesive tape and label products crafted to connect digital information and media to physical places, with access to “live” information via an easy-to-use mobile app.

Stick. Scan. Connect™. BR Code™ connects digital information & media to physical places. Duck Pro® by Shurtape® BR Code™ Scannable Solutions is an innovative new tape solution. Adhesive Tape & Labels. Data At Your Fingertips. Which BR Code is Best?

QR Codes vs BR Code™

Now, you may be wondering… isn’t this similar to a QR Code?
The short answer — no, they are different.

An easy way to understand BR Code™ Scannable Solutions is a quick comparison to QR Codes. At a high-level, QR Codes are assigned to a single web address, must be configured and printed before deploying in the field and are not very durable.

BR Code Tapes and Labels are completely fluid and flexible! You can easily assign digital assets, links and more to any BR Code™ at any time. They are also preprinted on a tape roll and 100% ready to be deployed in the field. Plus they are rugged to withstand tough environments and have an added layer of security with the BitRip app.

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