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REDWING Trailing Edge Protective Foam



Trailing Edge Protective Foam This revolutionary product provides the ultimate in protection. REDWING Trailing Edge Protective Foam prevents aircraft damage and eliminates head injuries. REDWING foam is also ideal for protecting landing gear doors, avionics antennas,redwing protective foam winglets, and any other control surfaces. Each piece is 72" in length and can be easily cut to fit your size requirement. REDWING is conveniently packaged 12 pieces per carton. Other shapes and configurations for interior/ exterior applications are also available. Contact us for details.

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REDWING is reusable and unaffected by U.V., water, or oils and is custom crafted to fit snugly to the trailing edge without the need for fasteners or tape. Bright red coloring makes REDWING easy to identify on the aircraft.


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