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YelloWing Protective Foam

YelloWing Protective Foam


YelloWing Protective Foam

This versatile product provides the ultimate in protection!

YelloWing protective Foam prevents aircraft damage and protects personnel. YelloWing is reusable and durable; it is unaffected by oils, fuels and water. Designed to fit snugly without the need for fasteners or tape. The bright yellow color makes YelloWing highly conspicuous and easy to identify on aircraft such as G650s, Globals, Falcons, and Military Aircraft. YelloWing is ideal for protecting wing trailing edges (including flaps), landing gear doors, leading edge slats, flap tracks, bulkheads and cabin entranceways.


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Each piece is 72” in length and can be easily cut to fit your size requirement.

YelloWing is conveniently packaged five (5)
pieces per Case.