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Adhesive Tape Products:

AEROTAPE Aerospace Tapes



Airbus AMS-12-06-001

Airbus Specification AIMS 10-05-004A (ABS 5093)

Airbus Specification: ABD0031 Para 7.3.2

Airbus Specification: ABD0031 Para 7.4

Aluminium Foil Tapes:

Boeing BAC 5034, Type IV, Class I, Grade A

Boeing BAC 5317

Boeing Specification List:

Boeing Specification: 737-SL-25-085-B

Boeing Specification: 737-SL-25-115-B

Boeing Specification: 747-SL-25-195B

Boeing Specification: 767-SL-25-112-B

Boeing Specification: 777-SL-25-037-B

Boeing Specification: BAC5034-4 Sec 5.1.a(1)(a)

Boeing Specification: BAC5034-4 Sec 5.1.a(1)(b)

Boeing Specification: BMS 5-133 Type II Class 1 & 2

Boeing Specification: BMS 5-133 Type IV Class 1

Boeing Specification: BMS 5-146

Boeing Specification: BMS 5-173 Type I Class 1 Grade A

Boeing Specification: BMS 8-346 Type I & II Class 1

Boeing Specification: BMS 8-346 Type I Class 3

Bombardier / deHavilland Specification: BAMS 535-007 Type VI

Bombardier / deHavilland Specification: DSC 91-25-2

Bombardier / deHavilland Specification: DSC 91-25-3

Bombardier / deHavilland Specification: DSC 91-8-1

Bombardier / deHavilland Specification: DSC 91-8-2

Bombardier / deHavilland Specification: DSC 91-8-2A

Bombardier / deHavilland Specification: DSC 91-8-4

Bombardier / deHavilland Specification: DSC 91-8-5

Bombardier / deHavilland Specification: DSC 91-8-6

Cargo Pit Tapes:

Cloth Tapes:

Double Coated Tapes:

Douglas / Boeing Specification: DMS 1968E

Douglas / Boeing Specification: DPM 871-2

Douglas / Boeing Specification: DPM 871-3

Douglas / Boeing Specification: DPM 877-1

Duct Tapes:

E & H Laminating and Slitting Co.

E&H Product Specification List:

Embraer Specification: MEP 06-048

FAA Specification: FAR 25.853(a)

FAA Specification: FAR 25.855(d)

Film Tapes:

Flame Retardant Tapes:

Fokker Specification: FK05-006

Fokker Specification: FK05-011

Fokker Specification: FK05-121

Fokker Specification: FK05-159

Fokker Specification: FK05-160

Fokker Specification: FK05-193

Fokker Specification: FK05-197

Gaffer Tapes:

Intertape Polymer Group:

IPG Product Specification List:

Lockheed Specification: LAC C-24-1257

Lockheed Specification: LCP-86-1226-A


Mask-Off Product Specification List:

Military Specification: A-A-59163 Type I & II

Military Specification: ASTM D-5486 Type IV CLASS 1

Military Specification: L-T-80B

Military Specification: PPP-T-60D

Military Specification: SAE AMS-T-23397B

Miscellaneous Tapes:

Moisture Barrier Tapes:

Orcon OT-40N Alternative Tape:

Painter's Tapes:

Paper & Kraft Tapes:

Patco & Polyken Product Specification List:


Polyken Tape Products:

Pregis Innovative Packaging, LLC

Protective Foams:

Shurtape Tape Products:


Surface Protection Tapes:

Tapes That Meet Military Specifications:

Tesa Tape Products:

The Following Tapes Meet Specification MIL-19166C

The Following Tapes Meet Specification MIL-P-46112B

The Following Tapes Meet Specification MIL-T-23397 A&B

The Following Tapes Meet Specification MIL-T-43435B Type IV:

Underwriters Laboratories Specification: UL 510

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