Patco 9425FR Interior Grade Moisture Barrier/Corrosion Protective Tape

Patco 9425FR

Is a flame retardant ether polyurethane with FR hydrophobic acrylic adhesive and PE release liner. It is lightweight and tough, and mold and fungus resistant. It is flame retardant and self-extinguishing. It contains no PBDEs or PBBs. It is moderately aggressive, yet repositionable adhesive. It doesn't have plasticizers, and can be die cut for custom applications. It also has a clean removal with no residue.


Patco 9425FR Linered, Flame Retardant,  Clear Polyurethane Floorpanel Sealing Moisture Barrier Tape; Meets:

  • Bombardier BAMS 535-007, Type VI
  • Boeing BMS8-346C, Type I, Class 3 Specification.
  • FAR 25.853A


Applications: Aircraft corrosion protection. Abrasion guard. Floor seam protection for wet areas of aircraft. Seat track protection. Cargo area moisture protection.


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Patco 9425FR Interior Grade Moisture Barrier/Corrosion Protective Tape
Backing Polyurethane
Adhesive Type Acrylic
Total Thickness 6.1 mils
Tensile Strength 35.5 lb/in
Elongation 490%
Colors Transparent, blue liner


Note: Specifications are those given by manufacturers and are not tested for accuracy.

Patco 9425FR Tech Data Sheet

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Nominal Tape Widths vs Actual Widths

Tape rolls are cut to standard tape industry metric widths of approx. 24mm per 1-inch of nominal width ordered. As a result ACTUAL tape widths are normally 5% narrower than the NOMINAL width shown in inches. Examples:

  • 1" Nominal width = 15/16" (24mm) Actual width
  • 2" Nominal width = 1-7/8" (48mm) Actual width
  • 3" Nominal width = 2-13/16" (72mm) Actual width

Note that tape rolls are NOT guaranteed to be splice-free.




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